2018 Schedule Download


08apr10:00 amWolfville to Berwick (Rail Trail)

15apr10:00 amFlyer/ Salt Marsh Trail

18apr10:30 amDartmouth Show & Go

22apr10:00 amStewiacke/South Maitland

25apr10:30 amMumford Show & Go

29apr10:00 amPie at the Big Stop


02may10:30 amTantallon Bike & Bean Show & Go

06may10:00 amAcadian Lunch Special

09may10:30 amHines Road Show & Go

13may9:30 amPaul’s Hilly Hundred

16may10:30 amDartmouth Show & Go

18may(may 18)10:10 am29(may 29)4:00 pmSpring Cycling in France

19may(may 19)10:00 am21(may 21)4:00 pmAnnapolis Royal Tour

20may10:00 amWindsor/Avondale/Newport

23may10:30 amMumford Show & Go

27may10:00 amEnfield/Shubencadie

30may10:30 amTantallon Bike & Bean Show & Go


01jun12:01 am10(jun 10)11:59 pmBike Week

03jun9:00 amKentville Lifecycle

06jun10:30 amHines Road Show & Go

10jun10:00 amSambro Loop

13jun10:30 amDartmouth Show & Go

17jun9:00 amMichelin Valley Proud

17jun10:00 amLaHave Bakery

20jun10:30 amMumford Show & Go

24jun10:00 amHantsport/Grand Pre

27jun10:30 amTantallon Bike & Bean Show & Go


01jul10:00 amClam Harbour Beach

04jul10:30 amHines Road Show & Go

07jul(jul 7)9:00 am14(jul 14)5:50 pmHeartland Tours

08jul9:00 amJoe Howe Metric Century

11jul10:30 amDartmouth Show & Go

15jul10:00 amFor The Pub Of It

18jul10:30 amMumford Show & Go

22jul10:00 amGreat Village/Five Islands Park

25jul10:30 amTantallon Bike & Bean Show & Go

29jul10:00 amHall’s Harbour Lobster


01aug10:30 amHines Road Show & Go

04aug(aug 4)10:10 am18(aug 18)4:00 pmSaguenay/Lac St. Jean

05aug10:00 amWentworth/Pugwash/Oxford

08aug10:30 amDartmouth Show & Go

12aug8:00 amHeart of the Valley Century

15aug10:30 amMumford Show & Go

18aug(aug 18)10:10 am19(aug 19)4:00 pmParrsboro Weekend

19aug10:00 amValley Wine Tour

22aug10:30 amTantallon Bike & Bean Show & Go

26aug10:00 amTatamagouche/Pugwash

29aug10:30 amHines Road Show & Go


02sep10:00 amMahone Bay/Blue Rocks

05sep10:30 amDartmouth Show & Go

08sep8:00 amLost Shores Gran Fondo

09sep10:00 amAspotogan Loop

12sep10:30 amMumford Show & Go

16sep10:00 amStewiacke/Old Barns/Brookfield

19sep10:30 amTantallon Bike & Bean Show & Go

23sep8:00 amGran Fondo Baie Ste Marie

23sep9:00 amDartmouth to Shubenacadie

26sep10:30 amHines Road Show & Go

30sep10:00 amMaitland/Burntcoat


03oct10:30 amDartmouth Show & Go

07oct10:00 amLunch at Aylesford Zoo

10oct10:30 amMumford Show & Go

14oct10:00 amLondonderry/Wentworth

17oct10:30 amTantallon Bike & Bean Show & Go

21oct10:00 amHubbards to Chester

24oct10:30 amHines Road Show & Go

28oct10:00 amMusquodoboit Trail