Ride Notes

2014-01-18 18:09:11 terry-walker

The 2014 schedule is now going up on the site. It is available for download.



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Velo Notes

2013-07-31 19:07:38 terry-walker

Everyone in the club should have received notice of our annual banquet January 25th. Contact us if you need details.



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  • garyconrod

    We are trying out a new comment system. You can enter comments by signing in with Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Disqus.

    Let us know if there are any problems cycling@chebucto.ns.ca

  • kimberley

    Just wanted to thank Terry for making the wed morning rides a go this year! I so enjoyed the ones i got to go on! WTG terry!

  • Michael Nemec

    I have come across your website through Velo Cape Breton. A very nice site, indeed.
    I have noticed, in some photos, that you have members traveling on tandems. My wife and I are interested in starting tandem bicycling. However, we have not seen any tandem bicycles in bike stores and, from reading on some tandem bicycle sites, we realize that the geometry, sizing and fitting are more complex than on a single bike.

    I have been researching Santana and Da Vinci models (Da Vinci has independent coasting system-how important is it?).

    If any of your members could supply advice on any of the above, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  • John and Sean Hanrahan

    We want to thank Kim and Ralph for leading us on a very enjoyable ride to Laurie park June 27, 2013 on short notice, during our brief visit from Montreal. We are also grateful to Terry for all the information about cycling around Halifax and for getting us in touch with Kim. Cheers – John and Sean

    • kimberley

      Thank you i had a very nice time and you are more than welcome to ride again sometime with us! Tc kim

  • Peter Nelson

    I will bicycling in Belgium and the Netherlands this.June. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows how to obtain cycling maps or has cycled in these 2 countries.
    Peter Nelson


    I checked out the Velo site and OMG how I miss you all so very much.

    Just wanted to send a big hello from the west coast and thank you for all your hard work. If it was not for all the volunteers that help make Velo Halifax run smoothly I would not have any of my wonderful cycling memories. As I look at some of my photos it reminds me of some of the best years of my life!

    Miss you all and hope to be able to make it back home and join you on a tour soon.
    Safe cycling X0X

    Dawn…… Kamloops BC

  • Paul Young

    Have a good season Velo Halifax. It’s good to see the founders (old timers) still kicking around the club. Gary, Mark and Paul go back to the mid 1980′s! Take it easy on them.

    … from Ottawa

  • Kiersten

    Hi, I’ll be in town visiting family and attending a conference May 10-19 and would like to ride with the club. Are non-members able to ride with your club? I think I have access to a ‘very’ basic bike. I also ride a recumbent trike. Is there anyone in the club with that rides a trike? I’d love to introduce my family to this triking as well. Please let me know. Thanks Kiersten

    • Gary Conrod

      Non-members can come on a few rides. Helmets are required in Nova Scotia. One member rides a recumbent trike. She comes out a lot but I suppose she judges where each ride is going.

      • Kiersten

        Thanks for the reply, I’ll look forward to it. Hope I can get out and maybe run into the trike rider as well :-)

        • Jess Houtsma

          I ride a ride a recumbent trike & Gary’s accurate in saying that I see where the ride goes before I ride with the group.

  • Gary Conrod

    It is something to look forward to when you retire. Mid-week does not have the traffic, cycling can actually be enjoyable in the city.

    • kimberley

      Or when you work shift work and have to work every 2nd weekend so you are off every 2nd wed but not every weekend so i think this is a great great thing to start!