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  1. Like the idea of encouraging a women’s ride BUT mid week doesn’t work for people who work Monday to Friday.

  2. Armin Kluge
    Email armink66@gmail.com
    Message I’ll be visiting this beautiful Province on July 03 2014 again to add Halifax to St. John’s to my already completed ride from Vancouver to Halifax.
    I’d very much appreciate if you could get me in touch with any of your members who are familiar with the various alternate routs that would get me to North Sydney in the most comfortable way. I have been cycling mostly by myself and enjoy meeting people the most. A few tips or sharing of some cycling experience riding this section of the country is all I’m looking for
    Please visit my website http://helpcambodianschool.org/site/ for more info about me and why I’m committed to cycling.

    Thanks in advance for any help

  3. Joining the Club



    The club executive produces the membership form to put up on the site. It looks like this year they have dropped all information on how to contact and join the the club on the document. They have the original and since it is a legal document they have the responsibility to edit it. If they produce another one I can put it up. Until and if they do, I have put up the club address on all footers of the site.

    Velo Halifax Bicycle Club PO Box 125 Stn Main Dartmouth NS B2Y 3Y2

  4. Our first Sunday ride will be the ever popular Round the Basin tour departing Mumford’s Tim at 10:00 am on Sunday. We will cycle the route counter clockwise picking up the riders at Graham’s Grover at 10:45 am and then ride to the True North Diner in Bedford for brunch. Considering the winter that we’ve had there will be plenty of high snow banks and some of the bicycle lanes, where they exist, may still be covered by ice/snow. Weather at this the time of printing calls periods of light flurries or rain with a high of 1ºC and winds from the NW at 15 kph.

    Our next ride will occur the following day on Easter Monday starting from the Fall River’s Tim at 10:00. We will head north on Highway 2 to the Elmsdale’s Tim for coffee and snack. Weather looks slightly better with a mix of sun and clouds and a high of -1ºC for the day. It will be a chilly ride heading north as will have a NW winds of 15 kph but if the luck is on our side will have a nice little tail wind on the way back home. Due to family obligation Joe will not be able to lead the ride and if capable I will be there.

    To all riders who wish to become members please take a few moments and fill out the registration form and have it ready with a cheque or $$ of 20.00. Make cheque payable to Velo Halifax Bicycle Club.

  5. Hello Fellow Velos,
    Took a drive out the Waverley Road this morning. There are some areas which are a little tight and some pot holes but I think it will be okay for Sunday. Mind you, after the rain it will be wet. My route will be from Grahams Grove to Timmies in Fall River, up Fall River Road to Windsor Jct, left on Cobequid Rd, left on Rocky Lake Rd and right on Waverley Road back to Grahams Grove.
    For members who have not yet registered yet, please take the time to print and fill out the applicaton form on our website and include $20.00 or a cheque for the same amount. I will not be bringing any forms with me.
    Bev Reid

  6. From Terry

    Sunday’s ride will be a road ride mostly on bike lanes along the Bedford Highway but some climbing to Kearney Lake Road.
    Hopefully if the weather holds it will be a go, but I need to cancel if it is raining.

    Cheers, Terry

  7. From Kim Watson

    Sundays ride will be to the Bike and Bean it will be an easy ride for snacks and coffee. We’ll meet at the Tim Horton on Mumford road for 10 am to ride the COLTA up until the Coke plant (the trail beyond that is still snow covered ) and then take the road the rest of way.So far weather looks okay hope to see you there.

  8. On behalf of Terry.

    Sunday Mother’s Day Ride May 10th
    Time: 10am/ 10:30
    Start: Pete’s Sunnyside Mall/ Rocky Lake Irving
    Route: There will be two starts to accommadate those who do not wish to cycle the Bedford Highway. We will be heading out to Laurie Park area via Rocky Lake Road, Hooking up with the 10:30 riders then returning to Bedford following Shore Drive for a light lunch and cake at my home 8 Tophill Road.
    All honorees will receive a gift and preregistration is a must.
    Preregistration- Call Terry 902-835-8045 or email teddymw@hotmail.com
    Rain Date-Saturday May 16th if required and interest warrants.


  9. On behalf of Kim Watson

    The ride this Monday will be to Laurie park. We will meet at Mumford rd Tim Hortons for a 10:00 am start and make our way to Dartmouth by way of bridge!
    Then out Waverly Rd and Hwy 2.

    You could either take a bag lunch and have it at the park or bike back to Tim Hortons Fallriver. Hope to see you there.

    kim Watson

  10. On behalf of Ron Doleman

    This Sunday’s ride will leave the Mumford road Tim Horton’s around 10 am and proceed to the Bike and Bean. The route is in fine shape save for a few soft spots on the St. Margaret’s Bay section of the trail. Those riding with the very narrow gauge tires, 18 to 22 might wish to use the hwy for this last section. I ride with 28s and they were fine for the softer spots.

    Forecast looks good for that day, sun and clouds and not too warm, so meet me at Tim’s.

    Ron Doleman

  11. On behalf of Ron Jeppesen

    Ride for Sunday May 24 th. Porter’s Lake/Lawrencetown.
    The ride is a loop, with a short offshoot, a total of about 37 km. Meet at the Porter’s Lake Provincial Park,1160 West Porter’s Lake Rd. The park isn’t yet open, but there’s lots of room to park/assemble at the entrance. We’ll pick clockwise/counterclockwise at departure time so we get a headwind on the return leg, if possible. The short offshoot will be to Fisherman’s Reserve, where Tom Selleck is currently shooting the latest “Jesse Stone” movie. I doubt Tom works Sundays, but you never know. The Rose & Rooster Bakery is about halfway on the route, great treats/lunch/coffee.

  12. Hello riders next weekend ride will start from the parking lot adjacent to the Port Pub Bistro in Port Williams at 10:00 AM. We’ll head out in counterclockwise fashion through Centreville and Lakeville to Berwick for lunch. Plenty of restaurants and cafe in Berwick to meet all appetites. After lunch we’ll head back home via Brooklyn Street and Belcher Street passing north of Kentville. Distance about 72 kilometres.

    The link to the route is http://ridewithgps.com/routes/8030359.

    It would be wise to print out a cue sheet from the site as I will not come with copies.

    If the weather is anything like today I’ll be there if not then stay tune to our FB page

  13. I’ve been looking at the weather for tomorrow’s ride and at this time it is not looking very optimistic. Both weather services are calling for showers to beginning early in the morning and continuing throughout the afternoon. I’ll defer my final decision till tomorrow morning at 8:15 AM on FB.

  14. On Behalf of Norm

    We will be meeting at 10am this Sunday morning at Mastodon Ridge. (The back parking lot behind Tim Hortons) It will be a nice 55km ride thru rural countryside. Bring a picnic lunch if you want.

  15. Sunday, June 14, 2015 ride — 115K or 73K option

    LOOP – 116K – JUNE 14,2015

    Meet at
    Parking Lot to the right of Tim’s on Water Street in Windsor at 10am.


    2. 4.1K,

    3. 13.8K,

    4. 15.5K,
    RIGHT ON 236.

    5. 47.9K,

    6. 53.7K,


    8. 94.5,

    9. 100K,

    10. FOLLOW

    ABOUT 116K


    Note: road
    is very bad from Stanley for 10K or so.

    CLARKSVILLE LOOP – 73K – JUNE 14, 2015

    Meet at
    Parking Lot to the right of Tim’s on Water Street in Windsor at 10am.

    1. ROUTE

    2. 4.1K, LEFT ON ROUTE 14.

    3. 13.8K, BEAR LEFT ONTO ROUTE 215.

    4. 15.5K, RIGHT ON 236.

    5. 35.3K, RIGHT ON 202 AT CLARKSVILLE,


    7. 42.2K, RIGHT ON ROUTE 14.

    8. 58.9K, STAY RIGHT ON ROUTE 14.

    9. 68.6K,

    ABOUT 73K

    Max grade

    Note: The
    road is really bad around Stanley for 10K or so.

  16. I sse the Life Cycle Ride is scheduled here as June 28th. I think it is really planned for June 21st.
    Is that correct?

    1. The date is what was prepared for the printed schedule. It has been updated for the on-line one. I think the Velo ride for the 21st may have been changed, will check.

  17. This weekend ride will offer two options, 65 and 82 km routes. We’ll start from The Chimney, in Wolfville at 10:00 AM. Will head towards Port Williams and Centreville to our lunch spot in Halls Harbour. After lunch the 65 km group will head south back to Wolfville while the 82 km group will head toward The Lookoff to savour an ice cream and view the magnificent Annapolis Valley. We will leisurely pedal around the west coast of Minas Basin returning back to Wolfville.

    The link to the short ride is http://ridewithgps.com/routes/8822215

    The link to the long ride is http://ridewithgps.com/routes/8800264

  18. Next Sunday ride will be the perennial favourite, around the Aspotogan Peninsula. The long version will depart from the parking lot at the Bike & Bean in Tantallon at 9:00 sharp and will follow Highway #3 to Hubbards where we will pick up the riders for the short ride. Distance between Tantallon and Hubbards is 23 km with a projected riding time of 1 hour. If you would like to do the long version but feel 1 hour is not enough time then you may leave the station earlier and meet up in Hubbards..

    The short ride leaves from the parking lot at the junction of Highway #3 and Mill Lake Road (exit and entrance road to Highway 103) at 10:00. Once the long version has arrived we will then commence the ride. We will follow the Aspotogan Penn. in a counterclockwise direction, distance is approx 55 km.

    You have the option of bringing your own lunch and eating it at one of many beaches located enroute or eating out at two restaurants, The Deck, 23 km or Dori’s Diner, 26.5 km from the start point respectively.

    I will be leading both rides and as usual I will track the weather for Sunday. If the weather sours then I will not be leading the ride but the ride is still on if someone would like to ride it.

    No cue sheets are necessary as the rides are very simple and straight forward.

    Anyone who is thinking of doing the long version let me know in advance if possible.

  19. Looks like a beautiful day for our ride around the Aspotogan. So far 3 riders have signed up for the long version leaving from the Bike & Bean parking lot at 9:00. Both long and short version riders will regroup at the parking lot located at the corner of Mill Lake Road and Highway #3 at 10:00. Bring picnic lunch or have lunch along the way, it’s your choice but bring plenty of water. See you there.

  20. For Kim Watson

    Shearwater Trail and Beyond

    An easy going trail ride to Lawrencetown Beach using a multitude of trails, Dartmouth Harbourfront Trail, Shearwater Flyer Trail and Salt Marsh Trail. For the most part the trails are all level and best ridden using hybrid or mountain bikes. Bicycles with skinny tires will find the trails hard to navigate. Once on the Shearwater Trail there are no amenities so pack a lunch and plenty of water for the day. For those brave enough to take a dip in the water I would strongly suggest a wet/dry suit as water temperature is hovering between 14° to 15°C. All cyclists will meet at Graham’s Grove for a 10:00 AM departure. Please check our web site or FB for updates especially in regard to weather.

  21. What better way to enjoy cycling to Hubbards then to treat yourself to a cone heaped with your favourite ice cream but you got to work for it. The 100 km option will depart from the Mumford Road Tim Horton at 10:00 AM and head west on Highway #3 via the COLTA Trail. A shorter ride (86 km) is available by meeting the riders at the terminus of the COLTA Trail at Lakeside Park Drive (Coke Plant) at 10:30 AM. For a a lunch more in line with the Canada Food Guide the Trellis Restaurant is open offering excellent food or bring your own lunch.

    Here is the link to the route, please print a copy of the cue sheet if necessary.


    As usual I will make any necessary updates on our Facebook or web site.

  22. This Sunday is the ride that everyone has been waiting for, Mahone Bay to LaHave Bakery. The ride will leave from the parking lot across from the three churches in Mahone Bay at 10:00 AM. Two options will be available, 75 and 60 km. Both routes will follow the coast along Maders Cove Road and Second Penn. The longer option will then take the scenic UNESCO site of Lunenburg and through Rose Bay while the shorter route will bypass these sites and ride to Lahave Bakery where they will get first picking for lunch and treats.


  23. A Day in the Valley

    Two options are offered, an 80 and 40 km rides. We’ll meander along the the west shore of Minas Basin, passing Kingsport Beach (ice cream) then turn westward towards Canning (coffee shop), Centreville (more amenities), Lakeville (lakeside beach and corner store), and then eventually back to Port Williams. The shorter version of this ride will return too Port Williams by heading south before arriving in Canning and cycling the same route coming up. Please bring plenty of water and a picnic lunch.

    Meet at the parking lot adjacent the Port Pub Bistro at 10:00 AM

    Here is the link to the long version http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9711349

    Here is the link to the short version http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9711529

    Updates will be posted on Facebook and the club’s web site for weather updates.

    On behalf of Eileen Burchill

  24. Just an FYI for everyone… just went on line to register for the Cycle For Art ride and, according to their web site the date is Sat 12 Sept vice 6 Sept as the Velo sched shows….

    1. Marc – Thanks. It has been updated on the site schedule. It will still show old date on download pdf.

  25. This coming Sunday ride will start from the parking lot adjacent to the corner store in Brooklyn at 10:00 AM.

    Our first pit stop will be Newport Landing, from there will head around and unto Gloosecap Trail to Summerville. The old Avon Emporium is now under new management and name, The Flying Apron Cookery. Brunch is served till 3:00 PM, unfortunately the coffee counter and food shop will be closed so either bring a lunch or have brunch at the inn. After lunch will cycle a few kilometers north and veer unto New Cheverie Road and eventually back home via Cogmagun River.

    Ride is approximately 76 km and no short option will be offered on this ride.

    If the weather remains the same bring plenty of water.

    The link to the ride is http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9879853

    The link to the Flying Apron Cookery is http://flyingaproncookery.com

  26. Hi – is there going to be a ride scheduled for Sunday Sept 5th? Nothing on the calendar right now.

    1. That weekend was scheduled for Ride For Art (see original download version). The actual date for that was different so updated. So now nothing official for that weekend.

  27. This Sunday we will be cycling about 54km and the ride will start at 10am. It will mostly be an out and back course starting from River Breeze Farm Market just outside Truro to Sugar Moon Farms in Earltown. Bring your appetite to Sugar Moon Farms as their pancakes, beans and sausages are really tasty. To find River Breeze Farm Market take Hwy 102 towards Truro. Get off at exit 14A. Turn right and go approximately 2km. Market will be on your right. The first ones there should go inside and ask where we could park.

    Ride Leader is unable to make it but here is a map of the route.


  28. Hello Velos,
    The first ride of the season is upon us. Joe and I were out scouting the route and we are pleased with it. We averaged about 16 km in 2 1/2 hours cycling time which shows it will be a relaxed pace. There will be a pit stop at Timmies on Caldwell Road. There are many twists and turns on this ride so we may want to stop and regroup a few times to make sure no one gets lost or left behind. We have provided an alternative shorter route as well. So far the forecast is 8 degrees and sunny so let’s hope it stays that way. Below is the planned route and including a shorter version. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
    Bev and Joe

    Full ride 41 km

    Short ride 33 km

  29. Weather forecast for Sunday at this point is rain, in which case the
    ride leader will be staying home. However, please print off the cue
    sheet for the ride (http://ridewithgps.com/routes/11832169)and
    follow it, as there are a few points east of Lawrencetown Beach where
    you have to get off the trail and onto the main road. The trail is
    suitable for touring tires but not skinny road tires. Meet at the
    Bissett Road end of the Salt Marsh Trail for a 10:00 am departure.
    Ron J

  30. From Christine:

    This Sunday’s ride is the perennial favourite Around the Basin with 3 offerings, 38, 46 and 68 km. The ride will start from the Halifax Ferry Terminal at 10:00 AM. According to the ferry schedule the ferry will depart from the Halifax Ferry Terminal at 10:15 AM and will arrive at the Alderney Terminal at 10:27 AM. As Ride Leader I will take a head count and collect registration forms with money at the Alderney Ferry Terminal. Make sure you bring your own registration form as I will not be bringing any with me. Registration fee is $20.00 unless you are already a Bicycle Nova Scotia member then it is $10.00. Bring exact change or cheque payable to the Velo Halifax Bicycle Club.

    Please see the following links for the short, medium and long version of the ride.

    Short: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13057557

    Medium: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13057620

    Riders can take a mid-ride stop at the Fall River Tim Horton.

    Long: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13057811

    Riders will forgo the Tim Horton in Fall River and ride to the Wellington Bakery for treats and have lunch at Laurie Park.

    I have elected to ride the long version.

    All rides end at the Mumford Tim Horton.

    Updates will be posted on Facebook and on our web site.

  31. On behalf of Kim:

    This Sunday ride is to the bike and bean in Tantallon French village by way of trail no skinny tires please,we will meet at Tim Horton’s on Mumford road for 10 am depart to head up to Springvale to hook up to the trail. 55 kms return trip you can pack a lunch or buy one there its looks like a sunny day Sunday so far. See you Sunday – Kim Watson

  32. On behalf of Ron Jeppesen

    This Sunday’s ride is through Stewiacke, South Maitland, Urbania,

    Shubenacadie and back to Stewiacke, a total of 58 km. There are a couple of ways to shorten this if someone chooses. From doing this route a few times last year, traffic is usually fairly light, roads are average. There is some good scenery, especially around the river near Maitland. There are no stores enroute, so bring enough water and snacks to keep you going. We’ll stop at Maitland for a snack and a re-group.

    Meet at the parking area behind the Tims at the Mastodon (I’ve incorrectly called it a Mammoth on the schedule) off Exit 11 Hwy 102 in time for a 10:00 am ride departure. Paste this link in your web browser, and print the cue sheet that appears:


  33. On behalf of Norm Stein.

    This Sunday’s ride will have a slightly different start and finish point. We will meet at Lakelands Variety Store in Lakelands. Take the Mount Uniacke exit off Hwy 101. Turn left at the Irving station and go approximately 12 km to Lakeland Variety. When parking please park well away from the actual store. Start time will be 10am
    The total distance will be just over 60 km. At the half way point we will be stopping for lunch at the waterfront Tim Hortons in Windsor.
    Any questions contact Norm Stein 902-477-6287.
    If it is raining then this ride leader will be staying home. The ride will not be cancelled. It will become a show and go.

  34. On Behalf od Ron Jeppesen
    This Sunday we have a joint ride with Centennial Cycling Club. We’ll be in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, and there’s lots of scenery on this ride. Bring your camera, and a couple of apples or carrots.

    Meet at the Hantsport Tourist Bureau for a 10:00 am departure. It’s on Highway 1, just off Exit 8 as you come into town. We’ll head out for the Gaspereau Valley where we can stop briefly at a convenience store or a winery (your choice) and continue into Wolfville. You may want to pick up something to picnic on a bit later. From there, it’s off to Grand Pre and the land of Evangeline, out to Evangeline Beach where we’ll do a short diversion to admire one of the biggest trees left in NS. The we’re back up over the hill, through the Gasperau Valley again and out along Bluff Road in Avonport, with a must stop to feed the Christian donkeys (this is why you brought the apple/carrot). Another short diversion out Lighthouse Rd. to inspect the lighthouse and the view, then on to Blue Beach where we can have a picnic on the beach. There is 100m or so where you will have to wheel your bike to get to the beach, but it’s worth the walk. Then the last few kms back into Hantsport.

    There are convenience stores in Gaspereau, Wolfville and Grand Pre; restaurants in Wolfville, Grand Pre and Hantsport. Total km. 56.4
    Print the cue sheet at :

    1. Hi Christine
      My name is chris webb. I am not a member, but would like to join you on this Hantsport ride as a prospective member. If that is ok, I will meet you at Hantsport tourist bureau. Or you can contact me at: chriswebb53@gmail.com

  35. This sunday ride may 22 is to Laurie park meet at Graham grove in Dartmouth for 10:10am start to allow people cycling from Halifax to take either the 9:45ferry or 9:30am shuttle please allow extra time when traveling as the blue nose marathon is on and lots of road closed we will have a picnic lunch 55 kms return hope. To to see you there

  36. Just to let everyone know that this Sunday, May 22, is also the running of the
    Bluenose Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay and 10 K and since the bridge
    will be closed the streets of Halifax will be a little bit more
    congested with runners then in previous years. You may want to give
    yourself a few more minutes then usual to get down to the ferry or to
    the shuttle.

  37. On behalf of Norm Stein.
    This weekend’s ride will be departing from the Bike & Bean in Upper
    Tantallon at 10:00 am and will pedal to The Trellis in Hubbards for a
    savory brunch or bring your own lunch. The ride is approximately 50
    kilometers and you have your choice of following the St Margaret’s Trail
    or the highway.

  38. On behalf of Canadian Cancer Society

    Hi there, My name is Margaret Schwartz, I work with the Canadian Cancer Society here in Halifax. We have an exciting cyclist event taking place this summer on the beautiful trails of Cape Breton’s Cabot Trail, and we were wondering if you would be interesting in promoting it on your website? We are hoping to engage outdoorsy Nova Scotians who are looking for an opportunity to pull out their bicycles this summer! The BIG RIDE, one of Canada’s greatest cycling celebrations will take place on the Cabot Trail on July 17th, 2016. The GIVETOLIVE association puts on the event, and is committed to raising a goal of $150,000 to support The Canadian Cancer Society’s Lodge that Gives, a home-away-from-home for cancer patients who must travel to Halifax for treatments. Cyclists can choose to bike a 100, 200 or 300 km distance. A self-paced event, the BIG RIDE is considered a personal feat of endurance as opposed to a race. If you would be interested in promoting this worthy event, we would be very grateful! You can check out the event website here for more information:

    http://givetolive.ca/the-big-ride/about-the-big-ride/ Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Margaret Schwartz

  39. On behalf of Paul Davison:

    This Sunday is my 100 km ride up and down the Valley slopes. Meeting in Robie Tufts parking lot, Front St. downtown Wolfville, at 09:30. Note earlier time. The ride consists of 3 loops of 50, 30 and 20 km.
    Approx. 20km gravel roads in reasonable condition. No trails, no single track. Bring a touring or hybrid bike, MTB not necessary. Skinny tires not recommended.

    Those who do not want to do the entire ride can bail out at 50 or 80 km mark. 3 climbs of South Mtn, 4 of Wolfville Ridge, total 1,470 m elev. gain.
    2 or 3 rest stops. Bring a lunch. Adjournment to Paddy’s Pub afterwards.

    In the event of bad weather, ride could be shortened but not likely cancelled entirely.

  40. In about 10 day the first camping Velo is going to take place. It is only a 1 overnighter and it’s to feed the starving blackflies in Dollar Lake. It will be approximately 70 km long to begin and end in Dartmouth. I would like anyone interested on planning to go on this ride to contact me at my home phone as listed in the schedule (902-889-9135) so I can get an idea of how many are going.

  41. On Behalf of Paul Davison
    Hilly One Hundred Ride

    This Sunday is the a 100 km ride up and down the Valley slopes. Meeting in Robie Tufts parking lot, Front St. downtown Wolfville, at 09:30. Note earlier time. The ride consists of 3 loops of 50, 30 and 20 km Respectively. Approximately 80% pavement and 20k% gravel roads in reasonable condition. No trails, no single track. Bring a touring or hybrid bike, MTB not necessary. Skinny tires not recommended.

    Those who do not want to do the entire ride can bail out at 50 or 80 km mark. 3 climbs of South Mountain, 4 of Wolfville Ridge, total 1,470 m elev. gain. There will 2 or 3 rest stops. Bring a lunch. Riders will adjourn to Paddy’s Pub afterwards.

    In the event of bad weather, ride could be shortened but not likely cancelled entirely.

    Map cue sheet can be obtain from the following link: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14290195

  42. On behalf of Paul Davison
    Hilly Hundred Ride
    Surprise! The weather forecast for Sunday’s ride is actually sunny and HOT at 27 deg. Warmer than I wanted for hill climbing but I’m not complaining after all the rain lately.

    Hilly Hundred riders are advised to bring lots of water and sun screen. Water will be available in Wolfville and surrounding lowlands, but not in the hinterlands where
    it will be needed after hill climbing in the heat. Bug spray also advisable, but not essential unless you get a flat adjacent to a swamp.

    Lumsden Pond will also be warm enough for swimming so bathing suit optional.

    For those who have trouble fathoming the ‘intricate and convoluted route’, I have prepared PAPER maps with each loop color-coded. We will review route in the parking lot prior to departure.

  43. On behalf of Karen White-Smith.
    Hello Everyone,
    One of our favourite rides is scheduled for this
    Sunday, July 10th…Mahone Bay to the Lahave Bakery, If you follow the
    coast (through Maders Cove, Masons Beach, Rose Bay) the ride will be
    approximately 75km (returning on the same road). There will be other
    choices to reduce the length of the ride to about 60km (circumventing
    Lunenburg and Rose Bay) but you will sacrifice some of the beautiful
    Here is a ling to the map https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14909515

    As some of you are aware the club and MEC have jointly held the Joe Howe Century Tour under a 3 year contract. This year was to be our final year under this contract. We have learned from MEC that due to the low number of pre-paid registered riders for the 160 km Century Tour that this option will be cancelled. The 50 and 100 km rides will go as planned. Registration fee is $25 up until 5:00 PM July 16. Fee will go up to $40 on the morning of the ride. Departure is from Grahams Grove Park between 8:00 and 9:00 AM
    For further details check http://events.mec.ca/event/102351/mec-century-ride
    I’m sure many of us will be dishearten by this news and will have our own views on this subject. For now lets enjoy the summer and come with fresh ideas during our year end AGM meeting.

  45. Sunday’s ride is the Joe Howe Century…with a couple of changes. July instead of September, and only a 50k and 100k offered, no “real” century. Regardless, it’s a good course, and usually lots of riders. Register NOW at events.mec.ca

  46. This Sunday ride takes us to the quaint fishing community of Blue Rocks about 8 km south of Lunenburg.

    We’ll depart Mahone Bay at 10 AM and head west towards Lunenburg taking a couple of side roads. Our first detour will take us to a small and quite sandy beach at the end of Second Penn Road, Bachman’s Beach.
    Our next diversion will be Heckman’s Island,to be truthful not too much to see on this detour but if you’r looking for some extra ks on quite country road this is your chance.

    Finally we come to our destination, Blue Rocks, an ideal place for our lunch stop. There is a small cafe, The Point General, which offers coffee, ice cream, baked goods and gorgeous ocean scenery. Best to bring your lunch for this ride. We’ll head back to Mahone Bay after lunch.

    Our tour of little side roads is not finished yet, our last detour will be Indian Point Road just passed Mahone Bay. Quite coastal road along Mahone Bay with the iconic picture of the 3 churches.

    The complete ride with all 3 side options is approximately 83 km but you may do any ride taking any number of the side tours including going directly to Blue Rocks and back.
    Second Peninsula 17 km
    Heckman’s Island 13 km
    Indian Point Road 17 km
    Blue Rocks 37 km

    Here is the link to the map and cue instructions:https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15014324

    1. Christine: My girlfriend and I are visiting from Toronto. Can we tag along on the ride in the morning. We’re members of a club in Toronto. What sort of pace will tomorrow’s ride be?

      1. David, guests are welcome. I assume pace would be same as Toronto group. We don’t do pace lines, etc. We are a casual touring group.

        1. Hi Gary, Thanks for answering their query. I forgot to check the web site for possible interest.

          1. There is a setting that the person starting the message gets notified. I will look into it.

  47. This sunday ride july 31 we meet at tim Hortons Mumford road for 10 am to ride to Hubbard we. Will go up by way of the trail until we get to the bike and bean than some can use the road if they wish it gets very busy on the roadto Hubbards I will be riding the trail. You should carry some extra water it will be hot. You can have lunch at bike and bean
    or hubbards total ride is 90 kms but a bit longer if you take trail. Hope to see you sunday kim

  48. Home safe and sound. Thank you Kim for organizing this lovely Sunday ride. We ended up did 52.88 k.

  49. Hi all. I just did a Google Maps search of the Aug 21 ride (Windsor/Newport/Burlington) to get an idea of the ride and according to Google Maps going from Windsor to Newport to Burlington and back to Windsor is 180ish km….am I missing something?

  50. This week’s ride is on SATURDAY, not Sunday. it’s a joint ride of 146 km. with the NS Randonneurs, details below.

    Hi all – this Saturday we have a fun and scenic ride in northern Nova
    Scotia that’s well worth the drive – the Cape George tour.

    Link to the ride is https://ridewithgps.com/routes/11684463

    For those who went to the Middleton Century – this is only about 10
    minutes further drive, and well worth it.

    We’ll assemble at Sutherland’s River. Take Exit 27 off Highway 104 and
    head down the hill on Route 4 – just before the river, park on Church
    Street, a small side road on the right. We’ll depart at 9AM.

    Our route takes us along Route 4 through some rolling woodlands, then a
    short stint on the 104 and off again onto the old Route 4 into
    Antigonish. From there we head north to Ballantyne’s Cove where we’ll
    stop for a bite of lunch – at the famous Fish & Ships takeout on the
    wharf at Ballantyne’s Cove – or bring along something else with you if
    you prefer – then the challenging climb up Cape George – where, at the
    top of the climb by the lighthouse, one can look east and see Cape
    Breton and look west and see Prince Edward Island. A long sweet descent
    to Malignant Cove leads us along the coastline toward Arisaig – with
    some of the most fantastic views in the province – and along past
    Melmerby Beach and Lower Barney’s River and back to the start/finish again.

  51. Ride leader needed for the Newport/Rawdon/Hillsvale ride on Sunday Sept. 4. I have the routes made up, but we need a ride leader; I’m away so can’t be there. No experience necessary! Pls. let me know if you can do this. Thanks.

  52. This Sunday’s ride (Sept. 18) is around the Aspotogan Peninsula, 56 km. total. It begins and ends at The Deck Restaurant in Blandford. Please park at the Fire Hall behind the Deck. I suggest the ride leader inform the people at the Deck of the number of riders who will be returning there for lunch following the ride. The link to the cue sheet is at: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14452160.

  53. …on behalf of Celeste Moretti

    I am contacting you on behalf of Adsum for Women & Children and the upcoming bicycle fundraiser Ride for Refuge on October 1st, 2016.

    Adsum is a women’s shelter that supports marginalized women, trans* people and children who are experiencing homelessness throughout the HRM community. On October 1st, we will be a part of the nation-wide Ride for Refuge to raise funds for the work that we do.

    Ride for Refuge is a fun, family friendly event, where participants can choose to do a 5km nature walk, 10 km ride, 25 km ride or 50 km ride. There is no cost to register, although those over 10 years of age must fundraiser a minimum of $50 in order to participate the day of the event.
    The routes start the the Bike & Bean in Tantallon and follow the St. Margaret’s Bay Trail.

    I am reaching out to you see if you have yet to hear of the event and if the Velo Bike Club would be interested in joining the Adsum Team! We would really appreciate it if you could promote the event on your event website. Below is the link to our team page, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.


    With gratitude,
    Celeste Moretti

  54. Velos who rode in the Gran Fondo/Medio/Piccolo in Baie Ste. marie on Sunday should advise Gary of their kms. :Gary Conrod – Gary Conrod;

  55. Hi everyone:

    Join me for a 60 km or so ride to Lower Sackville by way of Gatehouse and other suburban back roads. We ride rain or shine. This Sunday at Mumford Road Tims 10 AM


  56. This sunday ride October 23rd meet at graham,s grove dartmouth for 10am to ride to the big stop for lunch or have, lunch at tim Hortons in Enfield this is a easy route return trip 70 kms we go out the Waverley rd to fallriver whice turns into the 2 there is wider shoulders and new pave around and passed Laurie park hope to see you there kim

  57. This ride is a simple out and back from the Eastern Shore Community Centre in Musqoudoboit Harbour to Elderbank Park along Highway 357. There are two options Highway 357 or the Musqoudoboit Trailway, either ways it’is about the same, 60 km. I can not advise as to the condition of the trail. If the weather is a agreeable we will have lunch / break at the park. If not then we can always stop at the Dobbit Bakehouse in Musquodoboit Harbour on our return. Weather looks good at the moment with the rain ending early Sunday morning, temperature 9℃ and winds from the W or NW 15/20 kph.

    Here are the links to the options.

    Road: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17391276
    Trail: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/17391505

  58. Last Ride of the Year

    November 13 will be our last ride for 2016. It will start from the Bike & Bean in Tantallon at 10:00 sharp and go to the Trellis Restaurant in Hubbards for lunch. Riders will have the choice of following the St Margaret Bay Trail or taking the highway. Distance about 50 km return trip give or take 1-2 km.
    According to one ride report the trail is in fairly good shape for the first 10 km but is much rougher onward with pot holes, ruts, etc.

  59. Now that everyone has their Christmas decorations put away, and has already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions, it’s time to think about next cycling season. Again this year, I’ve been “elected” to prepare the Velo schedule for 2017. I have a number of rides already put in for the upcoming year, but am now looking for the membership to suggest rides and be ride leaders. Putting a ride in the schedule and being a ride leader is not an onerous task. You suggest a ride that you feel would be interesting, preferably the ride will have a route plus a shorter or longer option. If you’re not sure what roads to route it on, suggest it to me anyway and I’ll help to get a Ride With GPS course laid out. Then all you have to do is show up on ride day and make a list of other members that show up. We would like to have our schedule ready for the banquet, (dateTBA) so I would like to receive your rides asap. The variety and quality of the rides this year will be greatly enhanced by your input. Thanks in advance. Please message me on FB or by e-mail at: ron.jeppesen@ns.sympatico.ca

    1. Hi Ron, nothing directly to do with the schedule. I intend to go to the Grand Fondo Mont Tremblant May 27 unless there is some other conflicting event or if the club has another trip in mind. are you aware of anything?

      1. Schedule is out Iain, there is a local ride on May 28, and the Kentville Lifecycle is June 4. Mount Tremblant sounds hilly, enjoy.

  60. Bicycle Nova Scotia held their AGM on February 26 in Wolfville and it was announced at the meeting that BNS had terminated its contract with both insurance providers for Affiliated and Associated Club members. Where as in the past insurance was provided by Oasis for Associated Clubs this will no longer be the case, Sutton is the new insurance carrier. As a result the Club will pay a yearly membership of $110.00 (no change) but each member of the club will now pay $16.50 BNS membership fee, up from $10.00. Total cost will now go from $20.00 to $26.50.

    For those members who are a valid paid member of an Affiliated club, i.e. Cyclesmith, Bicycle Plus, etc… you will already have insurance coverage and will not be required to purchase an additional insurance fee. You must ensure that you have proper coverage before riding with the club.

    For those that would like to have more information please refer to the following BNS link.


  61. On behalf of Bev Reid.
    It looks like good weather for the ride this Sunday…..I hope! The ride is 36 km. It may seem short but there are a few hills. If you have not been cycling lately, it could be a challenge. It is a social ride with stops to regroup especially as there are many twists and turns. I don’t want to lose anyone. We will take a break at Timmie’s on Caldwwell Rd or bring your own treat and join us.

  62. On behalf of Molly Monahan:

    “Hi there! I am helping to organize the first annual Ellen’s Tour de Sussex in memory of the late Ellen Watters. This is a Gran Fondo event happening in Sussex, NB on May 27th with 3 distances accessible to all riders. We would love to be advertised on your site. Our website is ellenstour.ca for more information.”

  63. On behalf of Kim:

    I will be your Ride Leader for this Sunday April 23rd ride. We will meet at the start of the Shearwater Flyer Trail on Hines Road in Dartmouth. We will cycle the Shearwater Flyer’s and Salt Marsh Trails passing Lawrencetown Beach and than head for lunch at at the Rose and Rooster Bakery in Head of Chezzetcook. Lunch, coffee and treats are available for purchase or pack your own lunch. The full ride will be around 60 kms return but can be shorten at any time by doubling back. Road bikes with medium size tires, hybird or MTB bikes are recommended. Please check this web site for more updates. Visiting riders will be required to sign a waiver or they may elect to join our club. Please click on “Join Us” for more information. For more information please call Kim at 902-425-5141.

  64. The club ride on Sunday May 7th will meet in the upper parking lot behind the Mastodon Ridge in Stewiacke, take exit 11 off Highway 102. Departure time is 10AM.

    We’ll ride north to quiet back roads behind Shortt’s Lake to Pleasant Valley, then cross the mighty Shubenacadie River at South Maitland, where we’ll stop to admire the tide rushing upriver. We’ll then head south through Admiral Rock to Shubenacadie, and back to Stewiacke again.

    Weather permitting, we’ll stop for a picnic lunch at the South Maitland bridge to watch the tides, bring a snack with you.

    The link to the ride information is https://ridewithgps.com/routes/11637462

    You can of course print off a cue sheet from the right margin, or download the route into a Garmin device, from this link.

    Hoping to see a good crowd for Sunday!

  65. This weekend ride is fairly simple we will start from the Fairbanks Centre in Dartmouth at 10:00 and ride Waverley Road to the Big Stop in Enfield. We’ll have a bite to eat at the Big Stop and return back by the same route. Total distance is about 66 kilometres. If 66 kilometres is a bit too long for you there is always the option to turn around at the Irving Station at Rocky Lake Road (24 km), Tims in Falls Rive (32 km), Wellington Bakery (42 km) or Laurie Park (50 km). There will be re-grouping stops along the way and a sweeper at the rear for the long route.
    And updates will appear on our web site or Facebook.

    If you have any questions please contact me at c.gaillard@ns.sympatico.ca.

  66. Just wanted to share this information to anyone that may be interested. Awesome scenery and considered the mini Cabot Trail. Contact info below.
    August 26, 2017
    Start: 9:30 am

    -90 km Parrsboro to Advocate and return
    -45 km Parrsboro to Port Greville and return
    -Start and Finish at The Ship’s Company Theatre
    -Complimentary timing and prizes
    -Barbecue on the deck starting at noon

    Entry costs $50 per person or $150 for a family of 4.
    Entry and ticket to the evening show cost $70.

    To register
    Email: marketing@shipscompanytheatre.com
    Phone: 1-902-254-2003 or Toll Free at 1-800-565-SHOW (7469)

    The Ships Company Theatre Bike Tour

  67. This Sunday’s ride is Paul’s Hilly Hundred, leaving from the Chimney in Wolfville (near the library) at 9:30…Note the early start time. It is, as advertised, hilly. However, you have a choice of 50k, 80k, or 100k, or bailing out even earlier. Bring some food. there is some dirt road, but it was in good shape last year. Link to ride is:

  68. Six riders turned out for the second annual Paul’s Hilly Hundred, three loops consisting of multiple ascents/descents of Wolfville Ridge and South Mountain, every up and down on a different road. A total of 2000 m of vertical ascent of ‘varying” surfaces. The wind gusts up to 70 km. did a great job of keeping the flies down. Six riders started, two did the 50 km. route, three finished the 100 and 1 was still on the course as we drank a beer in celebration. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c38585810fb2c0fc18997442cfe7d822cb42accf15a7719ed0d18bd717c025a7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e27c519f3e1c81e3385814d6d27bc22b79b88eddfb13f587ec91b38d0059a08.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ec41e1e20382cc2d5471483418809afb5d55b68e65655a79ecddc6a5c6ec3ca2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/09c6d6551b14bbde3d133db069b5a04a5151cde40164dd973d1135daa602cc6f.jpg

  69. From Ron Jeppesen

    This Sunday’s ride will start and end at the Acadian House (Cuisine Brigitte), 79 Hill Rd., West Chezzetcook. The route is 50 km., there are several ways to shorten it if you wish. Please park on the road by the restaurant, there is little parking space on site, and Sundays are a busy day for them. Plan on lunch after the ride, (I’ll tell them in advance we’ll be there), great homemade soups, quiche, pie, etc. Link to the ride is: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14704255 .


  70. For club members attending the Kentville Lifecycle today, please send your ride distance to Gary Conrod, club statistician at: garykwconrod@gmail.com , or add your name & distance it to this comment.

  71. Riders who participated in the Michelin Valley Proud today, pls. send the kilometers you did to Gary at:garykwconrod@gmail.com

  72. This Sunday ride will start from the parking lot of the Bike & Bean in Upper Tantallon at 10:00 AM sharp where will pedal to Hubbards for lunch. You may either choose to bring your own lunch or have lunch at the Trellis Cafe. You will also have the choice of following the St Margaret’s Rail to Trail or take the speedier highway route. Total distance is 53 km bike trail and 44 km by highway. No route map or cue sheet are required, it’s a simple out and back either route.

    Link to Trellis Cafe: http://www.trelliscafe.ca/

    Will update on either our web site or Facebook as needed.

  73. The ride for Sunday July 2 begins and ends in Hantsport, approx 58k. Highlights include a stop at a winery, an active eagle nest in a giant tree, a couple of beaches, a side trip to the “other” Oak Island, and a visit with some donkeys. Bring a carrot or an apple for the donkeys, they’ll appreciate it. One important item: the ridewithgps route (https://ridewithgps.com/routes/10404541 (shows the ride starting at the Hantsport Baptist Church. Since it’s Sunday morning, we’ll leave the parking there for the churchgoers, and meet at the Hantsport Tourist Bureau, 2 Willow St., it’s actually just off the exit into Hantsport on Hwy #1. Take the exit road to the stop sign, turn left, cross the bridge, and voila. Lost ?? Call me at 902-240-0442.

    Following the ride, we can adjourn to the local diner in Hantsport, or the Spitfire Arms in Windsor for food/ale.

  74. Weather for Tomorrow is looking bad. I will post here & on Velo FB page tomorrow before 8 am if the ride is a go or not.

  75. Next ride up is Mahone Bay to Blue Rocks. Meet at the three churches parking lot Sunday, July 16 at 1000 sharp. Two options are offered an all road option and a mix road/trail option. We’ll follow the normal route out to Blue Rocks following Maders Cove Road/ Route #332. En route to Blue Rocks we’ll take the first of two side detour, Hermans Island. Our second detour will be the three prong road of the Stonehurst area after we’ve had lunch at Blue Rocks.

    For those taking the all road option the return trip is simple, follow the same route you took earlier that day.

    Link to route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/23034084

    For those taking the road/trail option we will take the Bay to Bay Trail connecting Lunenburg with Mahone Bay. According to information online the trail is:

    “Very small hills or very little stair climbing. Probably suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. A signicant part of the route is on well-groomed trails with very few obstacles. Probably suited for strollers but may not be suitable for wheelchairs.”

    Link to route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/23034288

    Distance for either routes is approximately 64 kilometres.

    If you crave for more kilometres you can take a third optional detour to Indian Point, a distance of 17 kilometres. Head out of Mahone Bay on the #3 and take the first right at Oakland Road to the end of the road.

    Best part of the ride…ice cream at The LaHave Bakery before heading home.

    The General Point in Blue Rocks https://www.facebook.com/Thepointgeneral/

    Make sure to bring a lunch.

    Have any questions you can contact me at c.gaillard@ns.sympatico.ca otherwise see you on Sunday,

  76. Posting for Norm:
    I’m hoping that everyone will come out for my
    “For the Pub of it” ride on Sunday July 23rd. It will start and finish from the Port Pub in Port Williams. The ride will be 64 km long followed by a long cold drink and lunch at the pub when we are finished. Everyone is welcome so bring a friend and enjoy the valley scenery.
    Please arrive early so we can depart at 10am.
    Cheers, Norm
    Link to the map & cue sheet:

  77. This Sunday’s ride (July 31) is in the Lakeland/St.Croix/Brooklyn/Gore area. Mainly quiet roads, some hills, but some nice scenery. There are two distances to choose from. Both rides start and finish at the vacant lot beside the general store in Lakelands, which is sort of half way between Mount Uniacke and Newport on the old #1 Highway. Last chance to get one more ride in during the month of July. Links to maps and cue sheets are shown below. Hope to see a good turnout, weather at this point looks promising.

    80 km. long option: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/19215432
    44 km. short option: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/19215541

  78. This Sunday (Aug. 6) is our annual ride for lobster lunch in Hall’s Harbour, voted 2016 Member’s Favourite Day Ride. Both rides start from the public parking lot in Wolfville by “The Chimney” in front of the library at 21 Elm Avenue. Both maps show us going along Highway #1 from Wofville to Greenwich (and same on the return) HOWEVER, we will be avoiding #1; it is narrow, in poor condition and traffic is always terrible on a Sunday. We will take the new(ish) rail trail for the few kms. from Wolfville to Greewich, quiet, traffic free, and in pretty good shape for road bikes. Both rides take in lunch at Hall’s Harbour and ice cream at the Lookoff. If 86 or 70 seem a bit long for you, you could consider hopping on/off at Port Williams, which will cut off about 10 km.
    Maps and cue sheets are available through the following RWGPS links. Hope to see LOTS of riders.

    Short option, 70 km. :https://ridewithgps.com/routes/23776637
    Long Option, 86 km. :https://ridewithgps.com/routes/11831080

  79. Ride Leaders Needed ! We need a ride leader for the joint Velo/Ramblers ride/picnic/swim to Oakfield Park on Saturday August 26, and also a ride leader for the Tatamagouche/Pugwash ride on Sunday August 27. Please message me if you are able to lead one of these rides. Thanks.

  80. This weekend’s ride is the Middleton Heart of the Valley Century Tour. No, you don’t have to do a century, there are rides of 25, 50, 100, and 160 km. There are usually 300-400 riders; it’s a well organized event with food/water stops every 25 km. Register at Middleton Recreation;or through Race Roster.

  81. Posting for Norm: Hello all Velo members. I will be leading next Sunday’s Velo Ride for Karen. It’s on August 20th. We will meet at the car pool parking lot on Hwy 3 exit 6 off the 103. Please be there so we can leave at 10am sharp. We will be doing the very pretty seaside Aspotogan Penninsula loop which is a total of 56 km. Of course we will be stopping at “The Deck” restaurant for lunch which is approximately half way around.
    Any Questions
    Norm Stein

  82. This Sunday ride will start from the Recreational Centre in Tatamagouche at 10:00. We’ll head west to Pugwash then return via the Gulf Shore Road to Wallace where we will take a lunch stop. There are two options; Whirligigs Café and McMahons Restaurant which comes recommended by Ron J or alternatively you can bag it and enjoy the coastal scenery. Total distance is 80 kilometer.

    Link to map and cue sheets are at: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16217781

    See you there.

  83. Hi.. we are in town only for the day on Sunday. (Aug 27)… What would it take to join your ride. thanks

    1. Greg, I believe our ride on the 27th starts far from town, up around Tatamagouche. You are welcome to join us on that, it is quite scenic. Guests can come on a few rides, just bring helmets.

  84. The ride will start from Grahams Grove at 10:00 AM and will be a simple
    out and back on Waverley Road stopping at Laurie Provincial Park for
    lunch. Bring your own lunch and beverage. Distance about 55 km. A longer
    ride will also be offered extending the ride to the Big Stop/Tim Horton
    for those interested, distance about 70 km.

  85. This Sunday’s ride (Oct. 1) will be on the rail trail from Wolfville to Berwick, return. The ride leaves “The Chimney” (across from the library at 21 Elm Avenue) at 10 a.m. sharp, distance is 64 km. The trail is in good condition, and while touring tires are ideal, your roadie gear should also work fine. WE DO NOT HAVE A LEADER FOR THIS RIDE. If someone would step up and offer to be ride leader, that would be great.

  86. This Sunday we have a ride through the always beautiful Wentworth area, made even more beautiful this time of year by the fall colours. The distance is 73 km. If you wish, you can shorten this by about 10 km. by turning right on the Westchester Station Rd. at approximately the 33 km. mark. For those on the long ride, be sure to enjoy the short hike ( 200 meters) in to Wentworth Falls. The access to the falls is at approx. the 52.7 km. mark. There is a trail to the right, closed off by a couple of large boulders; you can simply walk your bike back along the trail the couple hundred meters to the falls.

    The link to the ride is here:
    If you zoom in on the link, you’ll see the ride start/parking area is just off Exit 11 (Highway 104) on old Highway 4 (Wentworth Valley). Take a left off the exit ramp and go 200 m. and there is access to a small paved section of an old road, park there. We don’t have a ride leader (volunteers anyone?) for this ride, although I am hoping to get there, in which case I can lead.

  87. Forgot to mention, on this Sunday’s ride thee is a fair amount of gravel/dirt road. Last year this was in great shape, except for about 1 km. which was loose /potholed. If you have touring tires, a cyclecross bike, or hybrid, you may find it a better choice than your racing unit with 20 c tires.

  88. While cycling has probably not been high on your list of thoughts the past week or so with temps of -10 & below, it’s time to start thinking about the 2018 Velo Schedule.

    Once again I will be attempting to put together a weekly Sunday ride (and a Wednesday one) that will be all downhill with a tailwind, in a beautiful scenic area with no traffic. In order to do this, I need ALL Velo members to send me their ideas and suggestions for at least one ride. Barring that, I will make the schedule up of only rides that I like (you may not like a lot of these, they tend to be long, with hills and dirt roads).

    We like to bike inland during April, May & early June, away from the coastal wind
    Alternately, it’s nice to do seaside routes during July, Aug, & early Sept.
    If you suggest the ride, it’s always nice if you’re also the ride leader.
    I can do the Ridewithgps track & link for you if you wish.

    Send me your ideas NOW, while this is still fresh in your mind !

    Thanks, Ron J

  89. Bonjour!
    Je passerai le mois avril mai et juin 2018 à Hallifax. J’y suis pour étudier l’anglais qui est ma langue seconde. Dans mes temps libres j’aimerais rouler dans votre région.Je fais partie du club Velomagny de Montmagny Québec.Si cela est possible j’aimerais rouler avec votre club. Je suis une cycliste expérimentée .
    Au plaisir de recevoir un suivi,
    Danielle Paradis

    1. Danielle – Nous prenons les visiteurs. Notre saison prochain commencera en avril. Vous êtes invités à nous rejoindre.

  90. A reminder of our annual Velo food fest, this Sunday February 17. Doors open at 5:30, food at 6:00. It’s pot luck, so bring your specialty. Once again, Ron Doleman has kindly offered the use of his home for this foodapalooza, 8 Birchview Drive, Halifax; just off Williams Lake Rd.
    We will also have a preview of the 2018 ride schedule. This year there are two main tours, 2 weeks in the Saguenay region of Quebec in August, and 12 days in France (Provence & Burgundy) in May. The France tour is nearly full, if you’re thinking of going, come and check it out. There are also weekend tours scattered throughout the season; there’s still time for suggestions and (positive) critiques.
    You can also print off the 2018 membership form from the “Join Us” section of this web site and bring it with you along with your $35 club fee.

  91. Correction, the food fest is on SATURDAY the 17 th. not Sunday as noted in the previous post. Sorry for any confusion.

  92. Hey guys. Just looking at the schedule and I noticed the 2 rides in April (9th & 23rd) are on Mondays… is that a typo?

  93. Actually, now that I’ve looked closer ALL the ride dates are on Mondays… did the government make a change to the weekends? 😉

  94. Hi Marc- you are looking at the 2017 schedule. 2018 will go up as soon as it is formatted. We have a few 2018 rides listed on the right side of the web site.

  95. D’oh… I shoulda figured that out myself… I say again….d’oh!!!!
    Looking fwd to the ride season….

  96. I’m just filling out the membership form. Are there any upcoming events that I could attend. Save me putting this in the mail,
    Plus I haven’t used Chegues for years

    1. Glenn, we have no social events coming up. We do have a newer way of doing registrations I believe. I am waiting exec to write back.

    2. Hi Glenn, I believe our Registrar, Gerard, is accepting etransfer at this time. I’ll advise him and hopefully will get in touch with you.

  97. ANNAPOLIS ROYAL TOUR – May 19th to 21st.

    Three days of cycling in the Annapolis Royal area. Visit the Historical Gardens, Fort Anne and Charles Fort. Many cafes and pubs in the town.

    I’ve planned three rides:

    1. Victoria Beach, 52K, quite flat. Out and back on the Granville Road. Visit Port Royal National Historic Site. At 18K is the Fat Cat Pizza & Bakery, but safer to bring a lunch.

    2. Bridgetown Loop, 47K, moderate hills. Riding on route 201 & 1. Lunch at the End Of The Line Pub & Grill in Bridgetown. There is also a rail trail from Annapolis Royal to Bridgetown. At 33K is the Oakhaven Bike Barn.

    3. Bear River Loop, 45K, moderate hills. Riding on route 1. There is a rail trail also. Bring a lunch, there may be a Takeout place at 16K or 27K coming back.

    All the rides have a Ride With GPS link on the schedule. These are the same rides planned a few years so my Thanks to Brady Burke for making it easy.

    You are responsible for making your own accommodation reservations. Bev and I will be staying at Hillsdale House Inn and will arrive Friday. If any questions please call Joe at Cell# 902-460-8137.

  98. This week’s ride (Sunday April 22) titled Stewiacke/South Mailtalnd/Urbania, will start from the parking lot behind the mastodon at Exit 11 off Highway 102. The ride is 58 km. long, rolling scenic countryside.
    The rwgps link to the ride is here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/11637462

  99. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/14704255
    This week’s ride is through Chezzetcook, Lawrencetown, Mineville, Lake Echo and Porter’s Lake. The start site noted on the ride info is the Acadian Tea Room, HOWEVER, their parking lot is quite small and Sunday is a busy day for them. If you look at the attached map, you will see a small building on Hwy 207 near St. Anslem’s Church in West Chezzeetcook, , across from a street called Murphy’s Way. This will be our start/parking area, we will convene at the Acadian Tea Room post ride for excellent food & pie. If you are unsure of the start point, text me at 902-240-0442 when you get close.

    The ride distance is 50 km. You can shorten this to 30 +/- by cutting across Crowell Rd./ Middle Porter’s Lake Rd.

  100. Please note that this week’s ride HAS BEEN CHANGED. Due to the weather forecast, the ride will be held on Saturday, NOT Sunday. Also, the start time is 9:30 am at the public parking lot in Wolfville at the skateboard park by the rail trail, just off the main street.

    This is a GREAT ride, not for the weak of leg or the faint of heart. It’s 100 km., and it is hilly! However, it’s a lot of fun and there are three or four options for bailing out early if you find it too difficult, as we go through Wolfville several times. The link to the ride is attached, please bring the cue sheet with you, although usually we all ride pretty much together anyway, it’s not a speedy course, we just plug along.

    This is not a ride for your racing bike with road gears and 23 c tires. Bring a touring bike or hybrid, or mountain bike with slicks. You’ll need lots of gears, and there are some rough sections and gravel roads involved.

    Hope to see a good turnout.

  101. Message c/o Derrick Lopez



    I’m currently a student and cyclist here in the Nova Scotia area. In my health class we were asked to raise awareness of safety in a sport we’re passionate about – so I picked cycling. I found your Club/website while searching for popular cycling clubs near by.

    So what I’m doing is asking cycling websites in the area to help me share or remind cycling safety, since it is for a class grade.

    Here’s a good article I found and my Health teacher approved:

    https://www.dietspotlight.com/healthy-cycling-benefits-guide/ – list of safety tips, cycling benefits, and resources.

    Please let me know if you share it on your website – so I can keep track of everyone that helped with my project.

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration and spreading awareness on the sport!


    Derrick Lopez

  102. Due to the weather forecast for the Five Island/Economy area on both the Weather Network and Environment Canada the weekend ride has been moved forward to Saturday and will NOT happen on Sunday.

    The ride will start at Great Village Elementary School and is a simple out and back ride on Highway 2 with Five Island Provincial Park being the turn around point. The route is mostly gently rolling hills with one BIG hill at the 35 km mark between Economy and the park. There is not much in way of diners or convenience stores along the route and most of them are located just past the entrance to the park so bring ample water and food. The highlight of the ride is the Dutchman’s Cheese Factory near Upper Economy. I believe the nearest purveyor of fine ice cream cones is the Masstown Market.

    Here is the link to the route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24436595

  103. This week’s ride is Hall’s Harbour Lobster. Meet at the Chimney next to the Public Library in Wolfville for a 10 am start. We’ll be stopping in Hall’s Harbour for lunch (mmmm lobster roll) and again at the Lookoff for ice cream. Supposed to be a glorious day. Links below are for an 86 km. route or 70 km. route. Your choice. Either ride may also be shortened by a further 20 km. +/- by meeting the ride in Canard at the junction of Hwy 341 and Hwy 358 at approx. 10:45 am.

    https://ridewithgps.com/routes/23776637 70 km.
    https://ridewithgps.com/routes/11831080 86 km.

  104. This week’s ride starts in the beautiful Wentworth Valley and winds through back roads to Pugwash and Oxford. Along the way we’ll stop at the NS version of Stonehenge, maybe see a ship loading salt in Pugwash and I can promise lots of cows and good scenery. Weather at this point is looking fairly decent. There are two distances to choose from. Links to the routes/cue sheets are shown below.

    If you’re planning on going, please let the ride leader know: ron.jeppesen@ns.sympatico.ca

    84. 5 km: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24328610
    62.5 km: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24080228

  105. No one has indicated they would be attending Sunday’s Ride from Wentworth. Also, heavy showers are forecast for tomorrow in the Wentworth/Pugwash area. The ride will now take place on Monday, NOT Sunday, the ride location has been changed as well, it will now be a trail ride form Shearwater to Rose & Rooster & return.

  106. Just a bit of a change for this Sundays’s ride as our proposed leader Eileen will not be able to lead us a merry tour of the wineries in the Gaspereau Valley and beyond. We’ll have to wait for an encore ride next
    year to wet our thirst.

    Our ride will start from the Port Pub parking lot in Port Willimams at 10:00 where we will pedal to Berwick
    via Belcher Road & Brooklyn Street and eventually head south on Highway 360 to Berwick. We’ll have a bit of a stop in Berwick and return using the new Harvest Moon Trail to the junction of Highway 358 and then back to our cars.

    Total distance is approximately 63 kilometres.

    A link to the route can be found at: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28359128

    Sorry for the change up and hope to see some of you there.

  107. This Sunday’s ride (August 26) starts in Tatamagouche, takes us through the village of Wallace, on to Pugwash, along the Gulf Shore, and back to Tatamagouche, where there is ice cream, great food at the Chowder House, and cold beer at the Tatamagouche Brewing Company. This is a very scenic ride, mostly good pavement with one short stretch of gravel, and very few hills. There are two options available:
    78 km. : https://ridewithgps.com/routes/16217781
    63 km.: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/26697952

  108. This Sunday ride departs Mahone Bay at 10:00 AM. We will head out to Blue Rocks taking a side tour of Second Peninsula along the way. Lunch will be at Blue Rocks. There is a small cafe at Blue Rocks, The Point General, but it offers very limited options so I suggest you bag it for the day. Upon our arrival back to Mahone Bay we will continue to Indian Point and then return to Mahone Bay and stretch out with a coffee or ice cream cone at the local Lahave Bakery. Total distance is 77 km.

    Link to route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28472366

  109. For those that are travelling to Guysborough for the Lost Shore Gran Fondo good luck for those that are staying behind we will be cycling a perennial favourites, the Aspotogan Loop this Sunday. This is a 56 km ride starting at 10:00 at the small parking lot at the exit to Hubbards from Highway 103. There is a small detour of 6 km to New Harbour before our stop to The Deck in Blandford for lunch/break.

    Link to regular route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18681579

  110. Good Morning,
    I recently retired, I am looking to do more cycling. The Dartmouth – Shubie ride seems like a good way to get to know if your group and I match. I am wondering where the route starts – time??

  111. This Sunday’s ride is in the Wentworth Valley. Ignore the ride link on the schedule, this is the correct link: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/28763319 . There is a fair amount of dirt/gravel on this ride, plan accordingly. There is also a diversion to a waterfall that you can walk your bike to in 5 minutes. If anyone is committing to this ride, pls. post on the Velo FB page; if I have no responses, I won’t be going, as I am doing this ride with another group later in the week as well.

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